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For more information, pricing information and to schedule an application interview (all applicants must be interviewed by Annette before being accepted into the program), please contact Annette directly at or call 508-981-1907

Included in cost: Meals and snacks will be provided.  Each student will have the opportunity to schedule a weekly private phone consultation with Annette as needed to discuss progress and answer questions.  Annette will also address questions through weekly emails and texts.

Shamanic Practitioner Training

Presented by Shaman and Master Teacher Annette Burke

Master Shaman Annette Burke

Master Shaman Annette Burke

This is an in-depth and transformational course that will take you through all of the core medicine practices and healing techniques of Peruvian Inca Shamanism. You will learn to walk the path of the Shaman and become a fully trained Shamanic Practitioner.

This is a lifelong path and a way of life that will enable you to grow a new body that heals differently, ages differently and dies differently. The Shaman believes that to heal others you must first be healed and source from a place of wholeness and peace. As you walk this path, you will heal yourself, become whole again and step into your full potential.

It’s time to let go of your old story so that you can begin to write a new one that is free of your past and all the things that have held you back and remember who you are. It’s time to become a caretaker of the Earth and of all Creation and dream your world into being.

Is Spirit calling to you now? Are you being called to come home to who you are? Are you feeling called to walk this path again? I invite YOU and I am calling to YOU to join me and to remember.

New Dates: First Session begins

September 28-30, 2018


  • Session 1 - The Journey of the Serpent 
  • Session 2 - The Journey of the Jaguar 
  • Session 3 - The Journey of the Hummingbird 
  • Session 4 - The Journey of the Eagle 
  • Session 5 - The Journey Beyond


Session 1 - The Journey of the Serpent

September 28-30, 2018

  • Shamanic Sacred Fire Ceremony
  • Working with fire
  • Creating and working with Sacred Space
  • The lineage of the Inca Shamans
  • Working with the Luminous Energy Field
  • The 4 organizing principles of the Universe
  • Learning the core techniques to heal and erase karmic and genetic imprints
  • Creating and working with a Sand Painting
  • Shamanic tracking techniques
  • The Four Levels of Perception
  • The Shaman’s Mesa
  • Working with Kuya Stones
  • The Decoupling Technique
  • Clearing and purifying the chakras
  • The Shaman’s Tools
  • Smudging techniques and clearing with Florida Water

Session 2 – The Journey of the Jaguar

January 26-27, 2019

  • Shamanic Journeying Techniques
  • Shamanic Extraction Techniques
  • Removing crystallized and solid objects from the energy field
  • Removing heavy energy from the energy field
  • Extracting entities from the energy field
  • Working with crystals
  • Bringing order to chaos
  • Journey beyond death to experience yourself as a Spiritual Being
  • Remembering our ancestors
  • The Way of the Luminous Warrior
  • Practice peace, non-engagement and non-violence

Session 3 – The Journey of the Hummingbird

May 18-19, 2019

  • The Map of the Soul
  • Working on the Level of the Soul
  • Recover lost soul parts
  • Healing soul contracts
  • Finding the source of the original wounding
  • Healing Past Lives
  • Finding your Power Animal
  • Receiving your whole, healed self
  • Becoming initiated into the lineage of healers
  • Underworld extractions
  • Clearing ancestral and genetic imprints
  • Ability to step outside of time
  • Remembering the ancient stories
  • Releasing your limiting roles and beliefs

Session 4 – The Journey of the Eagle

September 28-29, 2019

  • Owning your own projections
  • Closing all of your back doors
  • Becoming the eagle
  • The Map of the Upper World
  • Journey to the Upper World
  • Finding your Celestial Parents
  • Finding your Kuyas
  • The Journey beyond death
  • Experiencing death
  • The Great Death Rites
  • Finding your destiny
  • Dreaming your world into being
  • Coming into balance
  • Working with Ayni
  • Finding peace
  • Becoming a caretaker of the Earth

Session 5 – The Journey Beyond

January 25-26, 2020

  • The New Shamanic Map
  • Healing in the Upper World
  • Letting go of all protection
  • Opening the Heart
  • Stepping into your own Divinity
  • The Transcending Mesa
  • The Transcending Global Mesa
  • The Transcendent Global Mesa
  • Despacho Ceremony
  • Egg Cleanse
  • Stone Throw Divination
  • Mesa Kuya Divination
  • Chakana Divination
  • Working with Chumpi Stones
  • Chumpi Stone Divination