Shiro Pichu & Netra Basti Therapy Seminar

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Shiro Pichu & Netra Basti Therapy Seminar

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Master Instructor: Dr. Munira Merchant, BAMs

This seminar is for beginners as well as advanced students of Ayurvedic bodywork. Students will be learning Netra Basti on the 1st day and Pichu Shiro on the 2nd day.

These ancient therapies were once part of a holistic, more involved therapy called Pancha Karma which is a comprehensive mind, body, spirit rejuvenation and purification from India thousands of years ago. Shiro means head, so this shiro pichu karma therapy is specific to the cranium, scalp, and the muscles within the scalp. The application of the herbalized, medicated, warm oil passes through the blood brain barrier of the scalp with the following benefits:

Shiro Pichu Benefits:

  • Restores memory
  • Promotes intelligence
  • Reverses the aging process
  • Helps heal neurological disorders
  • Relieves insomnia and forgetfulness ,burning sensations and headache
  • Nourishes the hair, scalp and general mood
  • Opens and ignites the 7th chakra
  • Reduces grey hair, dandruff, anxiety, weak hair, hair loss, split-ends and baldness

    Dr. Munira established a name for herself in India at her clinic after proving very good results of Shiro Pichu in her 30 years practice. 

Netra Basti Therapy is a way to rejuvenate, bath and heal the eyes. Netra means Eye in Sanskrit. To fix the warm and liquid ghee (clarified butter) around the eyes, we use a paste made of special flours and water. This paste is sticky and will nourish the muscles around the eyes. We pour slowly the warm ghee on closed. eyes We ask the person to practice a kind of yoga, eyes are open and moved in circular motions, clock wise and un clockwise for getting a good lubrication. The person rests in the dark for sometime, then her eyes are rinsed with rose water. 

Netra Basti Benefits: 

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  • Debris and toxins deep within the eye socket can be removed. 
  • Softens dark circles caused by tension, stress and lack of sleep. 
  • Relaxes your eye and face muscles from computer straining.
  • Removes fine lines, puffiness, dryness of the eye and skin around it.
  • Helps the eyes sparkle
  • Increases clarity, vision, colors look sharper and brighter.
  • Relieves red, tired or dry eyes

There are some precautions measures that need to be taken before and after offering Netra Basti. The patient or client should be stress-free before taking the therapy also any kind of eye makeup should be removed.

Student Objectives:

  • Comprehend the basics of Ayurveda
  • Definition of shiro pichu & netra basti
  • Be able to give a full shiro pichu and netra treatment
  • Learn why anointing the body with oil is so powerful
  • Understand the benefits/contraindications
  • Learn how these therapies are rooted in pancha karma
  • Learn about Ayurvedic purifying base oils
  • Anatomy of scalp and hair according to modern science and Ayurveda
  • Discussion on global scalp, cranium and hair problems such as hair loss, burning scalp and early greying of hair. 
  • Description of procedure and benefits of Shiro  Pichu Karma
  • Pre Shiro Pichu Karma & Netra Basti Measures--Discuss how the client should do cleansing and dosha balancing before treatment
  • Demonstration of Shiro Pichu Karma & Netra Basti Therapy
  • Guided Practicum: students can  practice on each other
  • Discuss foods, herbs and spices that nourish the cranium,  eyes, hair and scalp.
  • Oil is the most important thing in this treatment so I will be discussing different oils.

PLEASE NOTE: The instructor of this class is subject to change. All Sacred Stone instructors are certified, qualified, experienced, skilled, gifted, and approved by Karyn.

What To Bring?

  • 8 oz of massage oil (preferably coconut, grapeseed, sesame, apricot, sunflower or jojoba) with a pour top spout, which can be found at any kitchen store.
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 jar of organic ghee
  • Gauze or very thin cloth about 60 cm
  • Massage linens- top and fitted sheet
  • 2 hand towels
  • 1 bandana or kerchief to wrap around the head
  • 1 large towel
  • 1 large roll of cotton and a bag of the extra large cotton balls
  • Pen or pencil + paper
  • There may be a small additional charge if students wish to use our special Dhanvantara oil for the highest healing.

Food & Dining: Bring your own, or join us at one of the nearby restaurants