Sacred Stone Massage Seminar

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Sacred Stone Massage Seminar

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Enjoy the Fox TV Living Better Channel showing an interview with Karyn on Sacred Stone Therapy in 1999 to the right.

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Using heated and chilled mineral composites of granite, feldspar, quartz and magnetite which are harvested locally together as a class, with reverence for the earth. This therapy integrates authentic Ayurvedic, Shamanic and traditional massage techniques, creatively blending science, physiology, anatomy, medicine and modern-day therapeutic touch with spirit, creating a very holistic and comprehensive approach. Learning Sacred Stone techniques and philosophies will help remove stress and pain in your client’s physiology. This seminar will teach students how to create powerful stone layouts and utilize gliding, spinning, edging and flipping techniques designed to calm the central nervous system, improve systemic detoxification, encourage better posture and reduce muscular tension.

With a gentleness, a gentle hand, touch, for there is a spirit in the earth.” William Wordsworth

Sacred Stone Therapy techniques are unique and different because time-proven Ayurvedic modalities are applied, based on theories which direct energy towards the “terminal ends” of the body, enliven the “earth-bound” chakra system, engages the natural intelligence of the body, awakens prana (life force) and renews the sweetness of life. There are many spiritual and health benefits of laying stones directly on the skin with or without oil. The order of stone removal from the body will explored in depth (a.k.a. ‘de-stoning’). The Sacred Stone application and removal sequence allows important chakras (muladhara and svadhisthana) to remain awakened as long as possible during the treatment, activating the body’s downward flow (apana vayu) to connect our clients to the earth. The power of this therapy is rooted in the compassion that is expressed from the therapist to the client. This compassion becomes imprinted within the matrix of each stone.Graduates have told us their most favorite part of this seminar is exploring the beautiful beaches on our guided stone harvests to build a beloved collection of Sacred Stones.


Location: 26 Mumford Ave Newport, RI 02840
Time: 10am-5pm EST
Lunch: Bring your own or join us at a local restaurant
18 CE credits from the NCBTMB
SAMA is RIOPI approved to operate legally in RI as a school


Good Morning Sweet Karyn, I am super excited to share this with you! I have been tracking my chakras each morning for awhile now and there are always several that are not flowing until I work on them. BUT this morning, EACH and every one was open and flowing freely!!! SO fabulous and exciting. Thank you for bringing Sacred Stone into our lives. It is truly JUST the healing my body craves!! So much gratitude to you!! Many blessings to you and your divine gifts!!! ~Namaste~ XoXo Andrea Miller

Student Objectives:

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  • Learn the history of stone healing

  • Become familiar with the precautionary guidelines

  • Explain how Sacred Stone Therapy integrates Ayurveda

  • Understand how the maintenance of the heating unit & stones

  • Learn Sacred geology 101

  • Demonstrate injury protocols using stone cocoons

  • Describe the Five Sacred A’s and favorite, easy moves

  • Learn the application of cool quartzite stones

  • Facilitate the benefits of laying stones directly on the skin

  • Define how to recharge your stones

  • Explain the term Textural Distinction

  • So much more

“Elements of The Great Earth for healing, massage and beauty are rooted in shila abhyanga, (shila – stone, abhy – to rub, anga – limb), and is Sanskrit for stone massage. Heated stone massage is a form of swedhana, meaning thermotherapy, a modality used during pancha karma. Pancha karma is a form of internal and external purification of the body, mind and soul using many ancient bodywork techniques and nutritional modalities from India. Every ingredient in the cosmos has a healing effect…every plant, flower, stone, leaf, bark, aroma and even vastu shastra (E.Indian Feng Shui)….we just need to learn how to use them properly. Ayurveda simply uses natural ingredients from the kitchen and the garden for healing. Breath, sleep, diet and yoga are the four pillars of nourishment for the body, mind and soul. Warm oil and sea stones on the skin are highly nourishing for the physiology and nervous system. Ayurveda gives importance to beauty because the body is a sacred temple of the soul. Heated and chilled stones can be used on the face to impart a radiant glow and the marmas (Marma is a Sanskrit word for “doorway” in the body) can be activated by firm pressure with small stones and crystals.” -Dr. Naina Marballi

Sacred Stone Therapy Sequence Sneak Preview

What To Bring?

  • 8 oz of massage oil (preferably grapeseed, sesame, apricot, sunflower or jojoba) with a pour top spout, which can be found at any kitchen store.

  • 1 lemon

  • Massage linens

  • 2 hand towels

  • 1 large towel

  • Pen or pencil + paper

  • A sturdy bag for stone harvesting at the beach

  • Sunscreen and good walking shoes

  • Raw chakra gemstones if you have them

  • Any type of foam for extra padding for the massage table

Who Should Attend?

There are no prerequisites. Anyone with a passion for the healing arts is welcome. We will pair up non-massage therapists with each other. The class is usually filled with massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, yoga teachers and other wellness practitioners.

"I enjoyed the workshop very much. Input from others was right to the point, accepted, and very relevant to the subject. Sometimes workshops deteriorate such that the focus goes off kilter. You led the class well and stuck to the curriculum. My favorite part was the spinning of the big belly stone with the castor oil! Thank you!" –Sue Knit

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Please note: SAMA is not responsible for traveling expenses should the class be canceled due to inclement weather or if the instructor is sick. We don’t have a list of substitute teachers locally, so if a teacher is sick, class will be rescheduled. Students must make travel plans with this in mind when planning to attend SAMA classes from out town. Also, the instructor of this class is subject to change. All Sacred Stone instructors are certified, qualified, experienced, skilled, gifted, and approved by Karyn.

Sacred Stone Therapy Manual Table of Contents

  • Ayurvedic Blessing

  • Stone Thermal Emanation Factor

  • The Shakti Factor

  • Recharge Your Stones

  • Textural Distinction

  • Getting Started

  • Maintenance of the Heating Unit and Stones

  • Stone Applications

  • Application of Cool Quartzite Stones

  • Stone Protocols: Eye Area

  • Benefits of Laying Stones Directly on the Skin

  • Toe Stone Application

  • Five Sacred A’s

  • Colorful Stones and the Doshas

  • Chakra Balancing with Stones

  • Chakra Activation Techniques

  • Precautionary Guidelines

  • Sacred Stone Facial Sequence

  • Summary of the Sequence

  • Helpful Tidbits for Stone Therapists

  • Benefits of Sacred Stone Therapy

  • Five Great Elements

  • Ayurveda Made Simple

  • Whats Your Dosha?

  • How Does Sacred Stone Therapy

  • Integrate Ayurveda?

  • Attributes of Vata

  • Seven Ayurvedic Constitutions

  • Terminal Clearance

  • Marma-Abyhanga Therapy

  • Facial Marmas

  • Ayurvedic Facial Analysis

  • Ayurvedic Facial Diagnosis Key

  • Stages of the Doshas

  • Definition of Beauty

  • Ayurvedic Beauty Mask Recipes

  • Mudras

  • Nasya Therapy

  • Benefits of Abhyanga (daily oil massage)

  • Ayurvedic Classification of Topical Oils

  • Controversial Topical Ingredients

  • Raw Honey On The Skin for Beauty & Healing

  • Ayurvedic Beautiful Breast Butter

  • Electrical Frequency of Essential Oils

  • Hymn to the Plants

  • Neem Oil to the Rescue

  • Rockaroma: Ayurvedic Aromatherapy

  • Crystals Are Alive

  • Create a Sacred Space with Crystals

  • How to Activate and Program Your Crystals

  • What Is a Crystal Pendulum?

  • Protecting Your Pendulum

  • Dedication Prayer for Crystals

  • How to Work with the Crystal Pendulum

  • Taking Care of the Healer

  • Charakas Life Tonics

  • Marketing Tips

  • Chorus of the Stones

  • Stones You Will Need for Sacred Stone Facial Therapy

  • Bibliography

  • About The Author

  • Thank You!

SAMA: Sacred Stone Academy for Metaphysics and Ayurveda is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider and is also sponsored by NCBTMB to teach New York LMTs continuing education that is accepted by the state of New York for license renewal.

Contact us at this email: karyn (at) or 401-680-3934. Thank you. Namaste-