Marma Sacred Stone (Face, Neck, Shoulders) Seminar

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Marma Sacred Stone (Face, Neck, Shoulders) Seminar

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12 CE Credits. Anyone with a passion for stones, beauty and healing may attend.

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This is an excellent class to add to your massage therapy practice. It includes massage of the face, neck, shoulders, décolleté, hands and feet using Ayurvedic herbal oils and potions. Students will learn to use chilled snow-quartz and warm granite mineral composite sea stones (harvested locally!) as extensions of your hands and heart, as well as tools for massage, healing, rejuvenation and beauty. This class merges the principles of marma point therapy, hot and cold stone applications, crystal therapy, neem-coconut-lavender oils, sinus clearing oils,  raw honey mask, ancient Ayurvedic beauty secrets. Expect to explore and experiment with making your own potions according to doshic skin types and the season. Stone heaters are available for students to use for practice and healing stones will be harvested together on a guided field trip. Stones are free! Anyone can join!

Student Objectives:

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  • Learn marma points on the face and along the skull that will increase mental clarity, vitality, radiance and reduce aging

  • Use chilled and heated stones and crystals, along with masks, organic oils & pastes made from Ayurvedic herbs

  • Practice specific massage techniques for the face, head, ears, décolleté, hands and feet.

  • Learn how to clean and recharge the stones and crystals.

  • Learn Ayurvedic beauty secrets for women of all ages.

  • Be able to give a full Sacred Stone Facial Treatment confidently and effectively as well as incorporate it into your existing massage practice.

  • Define how specific oils and home-made masks affect the face and body internally and externally.

  • Explain how to make Ayurvedic masks and cleansers.

  • Learn stone strokes for the face.

  • Demonstrate crystal & stone layouts- for detoxification & rejuvenation.

  • Comprehend specific directional strokes for terminal clearance on the face and feet.

Watch an Interview (1999) with Karyn Explaining Her Sacred Stone Massage Techniques on Fox TV on the Living Better Show at This Link!

Additional Info:

PLEASE NOTE: The instructor of this class is subject to change. All Sacred Stone instructors are certified, qualified, experienced, skilled, gifted, and approved by Karyn.

What To Bring?

  • 4 oz of massage oil (preferably grapeseed, sesame, apricot, sunflower or jojoba) with a pour top spout, which can be found at any kitchen store.

  • 1 lemon

  • Massage linens

  • 2 hand towels

  • 1 large towel

  • Pen or pencil + paper

  • Pillow to sit on the floor if you don’t want to sit in the chair

  • A sturdy bag for stone harvesting at the beach

  • Sunscreen and good walking shoes

  • Any type of foam for extra padding for the massage table

Please note: SAMA is not responsible for traveling expenses should the class be canceled due to inclement weather or if the instructor is sick. We don’t have a list of substitute teachers locally, so if a teacher is sick, class will be rescheduled. Students must make travel plans with this in mind when planning to attend SAMA classes from out town.