Kati Basti Therapeutic Applications Seminar

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Kati Basti Therapeutic Applications Seminar

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Learn an effective and time-proven approach using a topical oil retention dam for alleviating disorders associated with the lower back and lower abdomen, the sacral chakra. Sciatica, lower back pain, hip pain, constipation and reproductive disorders can be remedied by using this ancient oil technique called Basti or Dough Dam Basti. Learn to apply diffused medicated herbal oils, herbs, crystal gemstones, sea stones, ghee, milk, water or essential oils directly on the area of the body in need of healing.

This practice allows the herbs to deeply immerse into the tissues for a therapeutic effect. A Dough Dam is placed on the body, which is used to contain the oil for the treatment, allowing the recipient to receive the warm oils for deeper nourishment.  Oil is lipophilic, which means it can dissolve oil-like toxins that are stored in certain tissues in the body that are plagued with pain. Pain is always associated with toxins, so this therapy is a form of detoxification in order to remove pain in specific areas of the body. Learn about the Essential oil and specific herbs which have an affinity to the Swadhisthana ~ Sacral Chakra energy center and how they are used to impart nourishment and clearing. This is also extremely healing for knee problems.

Use this as a single therapy for your clients for a 30 minute treatment or integrate it into your current massage practice as part of your current treatment. Be sure to increase the price of your treatment though to cover time and costs. You could integrate this nicely with abhyanga and charge extra depending on your demographic) to include the kati basti. This is a tried and true, authentic and extremely effective technique for even the toughest sciatica cases. It often takes 1 treatment per week for 1 month to see results, but each client will respond differently.


  • Ayurvedic and Yogic history, theory and practice for healing the Chakras.

  • Clinical aspects of the Swadhisthana ~ Sacral Chakra: Use of Mantra, Pranayama, Yoga asana, Herbs, Essential oils, Gems.

  • Making the dough dam.


  • Preparing the oils.

  • Preparing the client to receive the dough dam.

  • Applying the dough dam.

  • Care for the client following the application and Dough Dam Basti therapy.

Additional Info:

  • Class Credits: 10 CEs from the NCBTMB

  • Food & Dining: Bring your own, or join us at one of the nearby restaurants

  • Master Instructor: Gauri Trainor, D.Ay or Karyn Marie Chabot, M. Ay, LMT, RYT

10 CE credits (5 theory credits + 5 hands-on credits). Approved by the NCBTMB (Provider #155301-00). Chakra- Basti Most states approve any courses that are NCBTMB approved, but every state has their own set of rules regarding massage. Click on this link to find the rules in your state.

PLEASE NOTE: The instructor of this class is subject to change. All Sacred Stone instructors are certified, qualified, experienced, skilled, gifted, and approved by Karyn.

What To Bring?

  • Apron

  • 1 Bowl (mixing bowl)

  • Measuring Cup (1-2 Cup)

  • 2 glass bottles with cover to hold and heat oil for application

  • Small covered container for glue flour

  • Massage Sheet Set (fitted and top), 2 Bath towels, 4 washcloths

  • Paper towels for oil removal

Please note: SAMA is not responsible for traveling expenses should the class be canceled due to inclement weather or if the instructor is sick. We don’t have a list of substitute teachers locally, so if a teacher is sick, class will be rescheduled. Students must make travel plans with this in mind when planning to attend SAMA classes from out town.