Testimonials from clients


My time with Karyn is always a wonderful and Insightful experience.Upon my first reading with her she told me that I too! had the gift of reading the cards and would someday be doing it. Now 5 years later I am doing what I truly love!! reading the cards. Thanks to Karyn she has helped me fulfill my destiny and find my passion. Thank you Karyn your the best"
--Lori Shellman, Newport
Dear Karyn,
Many thanks for the wonderful reading last Friday. I have been thinking a lot about what you told me about my project Surfslides.  Very curiously I received a message from Marty on Friday saying that the intermediary person Shelley who was looking for the funds, had been fired. You were right on.  Amazing. At the same time I am feeling energized about the news that I might meet somebody in Costa Rica. I have had readings in the past, but nothing like yours.  Meeting you was wonderful and I will stay in touch with you.
Warm regards,

"My wife and I really enjoyed our consultation with Karyn. She verified our intuitional knowledge about our current and future experience. She also gave us a greater appreciation of our married relationship and its significance to greater evolution." --Sidhas in Fairfield, IA

"Wow!!! What was contained in the Love report was amazing and right on. It actually confirms everything I've been learning about this relationship from my coach who is a psychic and human design specialist. It is almost verbatim the things she has said. I had been grappling with a lot of doubt about whether I could trust that what I was feeling was accurate, and this report confirmed it all. Thanks. This is so amazing." --Cassandra Batson LMT, CQTPI Newport, RI

"The Destiny and Love Cards were read to me in May 2009 and I took notes on Karyn's predictions. I almost forgot about the Karyn's predictions but I kept my notes. I was very skeptical about the accuracy. I was to meet a young man on August 20th and his birthday was to be December 16th. She even predicted he would be married. I did meet this young man Oct. 20, 2009 and when I asked him when he was born he said Dec.16th I almost fell off my chair. Wow!!!!" --Suzie Newport, RI

"An amazing experience every time with Karyn!  Love, love, love this woman! She is genuine, caring, dedicated and so knowledgeable. I had several readings with her and every time she completely blows my mind. Karyn explains everything carefully and really takes the time to make sure you understand what your reading means for you. I highly recommend any of her services! " Thank you so much for the guidance! You're truly gifted and I appreciate you! I'm really excited to start to focus on me. It's a totally new way of living for me but I think it'll be great. I'll keep you posted!" -- A. Fisher, Newport, RI