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Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck


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44 Exquisite Cards For Daily Healing

Sacred shapes and colors to help harness your intuition and manifest the miraculous. The 44 Colored Cards are housed in a beautiful box accompanied by a fold out pamphlet. Choose your color, your design, and in just a minute or two each morning start every day with one of the 44 Yantra Bliss Oracle cards. Each card in this Yantra Deck offers ancient wisdom teachings that will nourish your dreams and positively enhance the way you see your life.

Breathe in the beautiful colors and feel their effect throughout the day. The process is centering. The results are astonishing.

Testimonials Here. Beauty. Truth. Bliss.

Yantras are:

  • Empowerment symbols

  • From Northern India derived from Mantras

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Planets and Deities

  • Invoked to remind you of your greatest qualities

  • Positive Archetypes

  • Tools to connect with your creativity

  • Fun to work with

Use these cards to:

  • Receive the healing magic of the Yantras

  • Learn about each symbol

  • Deepen your connection with your intuition

  • Receive guidance

  • Focus on in meditation

  • Bring color into your day

  • Take time to be still

  • Connect with the divine.

Discover the ways you can use the Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck to awaken the magic of Yantras in your life:

  • Select a card from the deck when face down, turn over your chosen card and meditate on the colors, forms and message.

  • Select three cards from the face down deck. As you look at all three right side up, see the message available to you as you move from left to right, past, present to future.

  • Place all the cards face up and select one-three cards that speak to you today.

However you decide to select your card(s) for the day, be sure to keep them out somewhere visible for the day. Absorb the teachings through the colors and shapes over the course of 24hrs.

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“I truly believe this is a powerful meditation tool. My own daily use of the Sri yantra has been impactful at the deepest levels. In deck form this array of yantras provides a terrific tool for being guided and at the same time focused in daily meditations or as one seeks direction from the Universe. My friend Sarah Tomlinson received her teaching from Harish Johari and is passing this timeless wisdom on, here in the 21st Century.”

— Wes Stevens, CEO, VOX, Inc

“A Yantra is a symbolic, compact, geometrical diagram, designed as a magical instrument, used to elevate the mind and shift one’s perception away from negative states. Sarah has studied the art of Yantra painting in India from the undisputed master, the late Harish Johari, who transmitted to her the secrets of this mystical tradition. Now, for the first time, these ancient Yantras are available to us in the most accessible way, as a beautiful full color deck of oracle cards.” — Sharon Gannon, Author of Jivamukti Yoga and The Art Of Yoga

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