Swarovski® Chakra Cube Bracelet


Swarovski® Chakra Cube Bracelet

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Hand-made by JLynn Creations, this Chakra Bracelet features 8mm cube Swarovski Crystals and all sterling silver. The energy power-points of the body, called chakras, are each represented by a specific crystal. Each color on this lovely bracelet corresponds to a specific chakra and is a beautiful reminder of your spiritual energy.

Representing the chakras of the body from left to right are:

  • Red – root or base chakra
  • Orange – sacral chakra
  • Yellow – solar plexus chakra
  • Green – heart chakra
  • Blue – throat chakra
  • Purple – third eye chakra
  • Violet – crown chakra
  • White – aura chakra

This lovely bracelet can be worn as a symbol of your intentions; so each time you glance at your wrist you can remember your highest Self.