Shirodhara System (e-course with DVD included)


Shirodhara System (e-course with DVD included)

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This system is made in the USA by one of my friends and it includes the following items:

1 Copper Shirodhara Stand
1 Copper Shirodhara Vessel w/Control Valve (2.5 liters)
1 Electric Solid Element Burner
2 100% copper Pitchers
1 Transparent 2 in. X 1 in. vinyl strip (not shown in picture)
90 page training manual with 2 instructional 1 hour DVDs

About our 100% Copper Shirodhara Vessels and Stand

Our 100% copper shirodhara vessels have been ionized to inhibit the growth of bacteria and balance the ions when the oil makes contact with the copper. Ionization basically inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, certain viruses. Also, negative ionization attracts the positive ions out of the oil, effectively neutralizing the electrostatic energy in the oil. When the oil passes over the scalp it becomes refilled with the positive ions that accumulate around us. This will again be neutralized when they come into contact with the copper.

Copper is one of the best conductors of electricity and ions. In other words, our copper pots will conduct the negative ions (the good ions) into the oil and transform the positive ones. Dr. Vasant Lad told his class in 1997 that the “when oil passes through brass, silver and copper, it’s medicinal properties are elevated and the molecular & ionic structure of the oil becomes more pure.” The design and/or materials used in our Shirodhara systems may vary from the models pictured. We are always striving to find the highest quality products to use with our systems. We will make every attempt to keep this product page updated with the most current product pictures.