Luminous Healing Gemstone Transmitters


Luminous Healing Gemstone Transmitters

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Luminous Gemstone Therapy enlivens specific locations within the physiology using soft, coherent LED lights that are gently beamed through Jyotish-quality precious gemstones such as diamond, emerald, rubies, blue sapphires, topaz, red coral, pearl and yellow sapphires. These precious gems are intuitively placed along the matrix of the light body at the pranic level, activating the underlying nerve centers, chakras and the epicenters of intelligence. Aligned with the Deva’s residing within the breath of each gemstone, this therapy increases radiance, beauty and self-healing.

Using applied kinesiology at the heart chakra in the palm of the hand, each person’s gemstone selection and sequential alignment is unique and tailored to their constitution. Clients lay upon a bed of small amethyst crystals call a Biomat. It emits healing frequencies, negative ions and infrared heat. Luminous Gem Therapy is used effectively at hospitals and clinics through out Europe as an accepted treatment for many mood and sleep disorders, including depression and seasonal affective disorder, doshic imbalances and for specific skin diseases.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, aside from the power of devotional Sanskrit song, gemstone healing is one of the most profoundly powerful platforms for healing. The sweetness of life is renewed. The first session is 1 hour. Consequent sessions are 45 minutes. 4 sessions spaced no more than 3 days apart and no less than 1 day apart is the most effective schedule for this form of healing.

Each set of 13 Transmitters includes:

Two gooseneck light holders with table clamps. The two light holders are powered with either one external battery or one dc power transformer for wall plug. Each of the two holders comes with one gooseneck with extra extension length.
Each light will have lower intensity LEDS.
Carrying case for gooseneck holders and separate case for gem transmitters is provided.
Transmitters are marked with position numbered labeling.
High quality jyotish gems are set in silver. Never dyed or treated.
One-year warranty. Some restrictions apply.
Gem transmitters are for personal enjoyment and not to be used in place of medical advice. Seek advice from your Doctor for any health problems.

The Biomat and The Healing Gem Transmitters are a powerful combination! We use the biomat bed of powerful amethyst crystals to amplify the Luminous Gemstone Therapy. There are no emfs from this biomat. It is totally safe and incredibly healing. It may be too powerful for sensitive clients, but for others, it’s an amazing adjunct.

Please allow one (1) month for your gemlight order to be ready