Ayurvedic Beautiful Breast Balm


Ayurvedic Beautiful Breast Balm


(4 fl. oz / 118 ml)


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One jar lasts approximately 1-2 months using it twice per day. FREE SHIPPING in the US!

Ayurvedic "Beautiful Breast Balm" is an ancient recipe that was revealed during one of Dr. Vasant Lad's classes at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM in 1997. He explained that this recipe should be prepared as a medicated ghee (clarified butter formula.) It should be applied in a circular motion with the palms moving up the outer sides of both breasts, then, the fingertips come together and move down the cleavage or inner part of the breasts. Do this repeatedly until the formula is almost absorbed completely.

Dr. Lad explained that small-breasted women in India have been known to do this once in the morning and once in the evening for approximately one year, gaining 2 inches in breast size and retaining this new size even after discontinuing use of the formula. It is also very useful for firming the breast tissue after nursing or after sudden weight loss. Dr. Lad also explained what role your mind plays as it relates to changing or healing any part of your body. You must believe that it is possible to increase your breast size with the help of this formula and with the positive image you hold in your mind. This formula is designed for women of all ages and is effective even after menopause. You will not find harmful or fluff ingredients in this product. Our organic ghee is actually clarified butter without the harmful fats/cholesterol. It is the most effective vehicle for herbs to penetrate the subcutaneous tissue. The almond oil and candellia wax serve to soften the delicate skin, reduce stretch marks and tone the tissue.

Our organic Shatavari is an ayurvedic herb that is a precursor for the hormone estrogen. Our organic ashwaganda herb is anabolic (tissue building) and a precursor for the hormone testosterone. Our organic vidari is an ayurvedic herb that is similar to wild yam and is a precursor for progesterone. Precursors are not actual hormones, they are organic factors that gently invite and entice your body to make its own hormones. Precursors make perfect use of your body's own natural intelligence. So, if you already have too much of a hormone, the precursor will just innocuously evacuate your body.

The jasmine flowers have been chosen because they have a natural affinity for the artava dhatu (female tissue system.) This product is so natural that is it actually edible, but eating it has not been proven to increase breast size. So, I would not recommend eating this. Don't put any product on your skin that you cannot eat. Your skin is an eliminative organ, just like your lungs and your colon. Whatever you put on your skin will eventually enter the bloodstream.

Ingredients: *Ghee, *coconut butter, *extra virgin olive oil, *shatavri, *ashwagandha, *vidari, *licorice, *fennel, bees wax, jasmine, essential oil (lavender).

Before You Apply The Balm

To make this a sacred part of your day, apply a 1-tsp of the formula to your hands. Turn your palms towards your face with the outside of your little fingers touching. Lift them up in this position to the height of your face. Then stare at your palms with pure awareness thereby energizing the formula and your palms with the power of your vision. Then, send a gentle breath of prana (blow) into your palms. Allow this prana and energy to move into your breasts as you apply the formula. Be grateful for this experience and for the beautiful breasts you are about to create.

After you Apply The Balm

Your breasts may stay a little moist from this formula, so in order not to soil expensive clothes, I recommend that you wear an inexpensive, yet supportive cotton bra that can easily be washed. Wear a loose cotton bra to bed to prevent the formula from staining your sheets. This product is even more effective if you apply it just before a shower or bath. Let this formula sit on your breast skin for a few minutes, then allow the warm, moist heat to open your pores thereby penetrating it deeper into the breast tissue. If you are in the tub, generously apply more formula, then, spread a damp, very warm washcloth on your breasts. Leave the washcloth there as long as it retains heat. Reheat the washcloth with warm bath water as often as possible.