You can now learn more about SAMA and ayurveda at Just click on the picture above to get started!

You can now learn more about SAMA and ayurveda at Just click on the picture above to get started!

Enhanced Beauty Brows in Newport, RI by my amazing and talented triple licensed daughter, Jaeda Hamilton Chabot! She is licensed to do permanent makeup tattoo artistry in Newport and is quite gifted at what she does. She specializes in perfecting, refining and redefining eye brows, simulating real hair using a very special microblading technique that looks very natural. Call for an appointment: ‭+1 (508) 254-0470‬

From Chile Desde Chile
Lovely Artisan Jewelry handmade by Andrea Soto Freire, an amazing certified Sacred Stone graduate.

The Institute for Therapeutic Massage (ITM)
Offering classes and continuing education to learn massage therapy, shiatsu, and personal training at 6 school locations in New Jersey. For over 17 years, their philosophy of education is to utilize a combination of academic study and hands-on techniques to incorporate late breaking research, and thus offer their students the highest level of knowledge and skill to work safely and effectively with the public-at-large.

Community Ayurvedic Herbalist
The Community Ayurvedic Herbalist’s intention is to bring the natural healing wisdom of Ayurveda to your home and our communities. Through one on one consultation, herbal supplements, workshops& yoga instruction, our services are for anyone wanting to feel healthier, stronger and more content with life using natural remedies.

Asheville Vedic Astrology
Ryan Kurczak offers Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Readings, 12-month reports, and Ayurveda Astrological Analysis. Asheville Vedic Astrology also offers a Foundation Course in Vedic Astrology by email, or by one-on-one tutorial.

Rock Balancing
Watch a documentary of Rock Balancing by artist Kent Avery in Stanley Park, Vancouver B.C.

Educational DVD
Watch an educational DVD on the science of Ayurveda.

Bliss Bliss Bliss Spa
At Bliss Bliss Bliss Membership Massage, we believe that body/energy work should be more than a once in a while treat. To us, body/energy work is a fundamental component of wellness and our prices are designed to support you in getting frequent bodywork. We hope your mind-body benefits at Bliss Bliss Bliss.

Tarot Care
My favorite Tarot Card Reader and Reiki Master/Teacher
At SeaStones Natural Therapies, our goal is to enhance your health and well-being. features holistic, wholistic and natural medicine therapies and forms of healing; infoholix health news reports about shortcomings of allopathic medicine and alternatives offered by complementary medicine.
Heart Centered Bodywork For Women
Mountain Meadow Massage School, Ruidoso, NM. Six month Massage Therapy Certification program in New Mexico. Live in the Mountains and Pines. Presence and Awareness Heal.
Presence Massage: Ayurveda and Deep Tissue Massage in Ruidoso, New Mexico
Upscale Day spa in Bristol and Providence, RI.
Massage Therapy Information Guide. A self inclusive guide on massage with exquisite information, tips and advices to help you experience a magical therapy of massage.
Specializing in therapeutic massage for pain management and stress relief
Santosha Yoga Studio & Holistic Center
MASSAGE Magazine.The world’s leading massage magazine!
Based in the medical district of Boston, MA. This organization is working to include alternative &complimentary care to modern medical practice.
Offering various all-natural products to enhance relaxation.
Education center and spa based on the Ayurveda and wellness in San Diego, CA.
Ayurvedic Spa Therapy Educator and beauty products.
Upbeat, progressive yoga journal in Los Angeles.
Not only add a radiantly beautiful glow described as sunrise on the Himalayas, but release negative ions in abundance -known for enhancing your wellbeing, energizing the room and gently purifying the air. Browse our selection of Natural Salt Lamps, Shaped Salt Lamps Salt Candle Holders, Bath Salts and Edible Salts from the Himalayas, Poland and Iran.
The Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico.
National Ayurveda Medical Association.
Exclusive chef that caters to specialty parties that are intimate and small in size.
A spectrum of gifts and products personally selected to help energize your space and uplift your spirits. Inside you’ll find our Magazine, Writing Workshops, Events and Metaphysical Newport directory. We also feature our own product lines: Aura HouseTM (environmental), GemesisTM (cosmetics) and LightbodiesTM (color therapy).
Ayurvedic Gemstones

Ayurveda’s Beauty Care
The Bioticare Holistic Center in NYC run by our dear friends Dr. Naina Marballi and Dr. Amita Banjeree. Offering courses and services in ayurvedic therapies.
Light on Ayurveda, Journal of Health. The owner is a dear friend and a gift to the planet.
Amazing Angel readings, classes, new age products & healing from a certified Sacred Stone Therapist.
Holistic school in Australia teaching Sacred Stone Therapy run by our first Certified Sacred Stone Instructor, Natali Joscelyne! ( a dear friend as well).
Traditional Ayurvedic herbs and products run by fellow friends and graduates from the Ayurvedic Institute. We buy all our products here.
Gurumayi’s yoga and meditation ashram.
Ask Gandharva Sauls, a multi-dimensional counselor for your ayurvedic blueprint and the 8 fields of living. He is quite a celestial musician (sound healer), counselor and dear friend.

The Family of Light Healing Centre
An international mobile healing,shamanic training, yoga and educational centre.
A energy center focused on balancing the mind, body, and spirit, with the intention of developing the soul.
Barbarah, The Dancing Spirit of RI – Performer and teacher of the beautiful, spirtual and healing dance form known as Raks Sharki, Danse Oryental and American Belly dance.
The Mango Grove is an exotic apothecary in Centerdale, RI that offers courses in Traditional Thai Herbal Medicine.
Melanie and Robert Sachs offer classes in California on Ayurvedic aesthetics and body work. I highly recommend learning with these people!
Find the most talented and experienced holistic and integrative caregivers in your community.

Charles Lightwalker & Serena LaSol
The Family of Light is an international mobile healing center, offering healing, channeling, and educational forums around the globe.
Candle holders, candles, wind chimes, power beads, mineral spheres and health balls, healing stones, healing stone jewelry, real rock fountains, rock lamps and more great gift ideas!
Botantical skincare products, free of synthetic fillers or added fragrances.
A community dedicated to helping people find education
Moongate music for massage, yoga, spas, meditation & relaxation. Also cool piano and instrumental jazz!
Ayurveda Heilzentrum Triguna

Articles, blogs, tips and tricks for yoga and wellness, with plenty of links to get your curiosity going.

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Veronica’s Veil Spiritual Shoppe & Services. New Age and Traditional Religious Products and E-books. Spiritual card readings by telephone with NO PER MINUTE CHARGES.
For creative, holistic graphic design contact Michael!

Another Massage
“Once you’ve had one…you’ll want another!” Mobile massage for your busy lifestyle. Serving the Phoenix area. 623-680-8574.

Psychic Impressions Live