Sacred Stone Therapy: Classroom Demonstration DVD


Sacred Stone Therapy: Classroom Demonstration DVD

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Sacred Stone Therapy 70 minute Classroom Demonstration provides a glance into one of Karyn Chabots Stone Therapy Classes. If you are unable to attend her classes in RI, then this actual classroom footage is the second best way to learn about the profound union of heated/chilled stone healing as it relates to the science of Ayurveda. Breath-taking stone beaches of historic Newport, RI are creatively merged in-between educational text inserts describing the Sacred Stone Lay-out Sequence and the actual unedited interplay between the client, students and Karyn.

As Karyn uses her hands in conjunction with the stones, viewers will observe she is using the stones as extensions of her hands and her heart, as well as tools for massage and healing. Sacred Stone Therapy merges the principles of spirituality, love from the Earth, traditional massage, and ancient Ayurvedic principles into an innovative modern-day thermo therapeutic stone massage experience.

Watch a demonstration of this DVD on YouTube!

Expect To Learn:

  • The newest Sacred Stone techniques and applications such as The Infinity Dance, The Spinal Spin, The Belly Spin, The Sacral Click, The Knee Click, The Occipital Roll, and much more
  • The Five Sacred As: Attune, Anoint, Access, Activate & Apply the stones
  • The Sacred Stone Lay-out Sequence according to the chakra system
  • Crystals in the room, on the massage table and on the body
  • Terminal Clearance through the five terminal ends of the body using the proper direction in accordance with the Ayurvedic philosophy of Earth Energy, consequently grounding the client