Sacred Stone DVD Bundle (5 DVD's Included)


Sacred Stone DVD Bundle (5 DVD's Included)


The only 2 DVDs that are not available on hard copy are the Exfoliation (Garshana) & Swedhana (Steam) Therapy and the newest version of the Shirodhara Therapy. only the older version of Shirodhara is available on hard copy. All DVDs are available electronically. 

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Inspired by the science of Ayurveda, these DVDs are filled with powerful, ancient healing knowledge that will help increase your skills and motivate you to be a more effective therapist. Karyn has a gift for skillfully bridge the east to the west with clarity and ease.

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This DVD Bundle Includes:

Sacred Stone Therapy: Concepts & Theory (DVD)
Sacred Stone Therapy: Classroom Demonstration (DVD)
Sacred Stone Facial & Crystal Therapy (DVD)
Shirodhara Therapy (DVD)
Ayurvedic Massage (Tandem Abhyanga) (DVD)