Ayurvedic Massage DVD (Tandem Abhyanga)


Ayurvedic Massage DVD (Tandem Abhyanga)

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Tandem four-handed oil massage is based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda. The women on the cover of this DVD are identical twins, but any two people can do this therapy. You don’t have to be a “twin”. Karyn is the model in this DVD, and is also narrating the entire experience, making this ancient therapy more practical and understandable. She offers many good tips on healing and applies the concepts she learned from The Ayurvedic Institute. The content demonstrated in this DVD is also valuable for therapists who wish to do solo abhyanga, that is, without a partner.

Watch a demonstration of this DVD on YouTube!

Expect To Learn:

  • Hari Aum with prayer hands
  • Spider-hold
  • Polarizing the terminal ends
  • Heart and kidney marma points on the feet
  • Gulpha Marma points on the ankles
  • Spreading the wings
  • Apana vayu strokes
  • Wring and squeezing strokes
  • Grow taller
  • Triceps stretch
  • Shoulder joint lubrication
  • Big hug Restorative shoulder
  • Thymus tapping
  • Anointing the belly button
  • Doggy paddle
  • Surabi mudra
  • Polarizing with gyana mudra
  • Prayer hands
  • Three more miles point
  • And much more!