Massage CE State Regulation Information

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(Florida and New York are very stringent states requiring special CE approval. Most other states don't require such parameters for CEs)

Self-Paced Online CE Courses *Provider #155301-00* Click on the Titles Below

2 CEs    NCBTMB Roles And Boundaries (Standard V.) Ethics
6 CEs    Ethical Touch
6 CEs    Ethics for Yoga and Massage Therapists
6 CEs    Compassionate NCBTMB Ethics
25 CEs    Garshana Silk Glove Friction Thermo-Hydrotherapy
40 CEs     Ayurvedic Self Care for Yoga Teachers and Massage Therapists
40 CEs    Marma Point Therapy (Intro)
50 CEs    Sacred Hot Stone Massage Therapy
50 CEs    Hot Stone Marma Therapy For Face, Neck, Feet & Hands
50 CEs    Ayurveda 101 for Massage Therapists
16 CEs    Sacred Stone Shirodhara Therapy
50 CEs    Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage
96 CEs    NCBTMB Sacred Stone Renewal Package Deal - Includes our Sacred Hot Stone Massage Course, Ethics & Self-care CEs for only $290! Save $69!
(Some of the above titles have changed slightly, but they are the same course and will be recognized by your state or the NCBTMB regardless if you reference the 155301-00 provider #)

NCBTMB Course Credit Guide

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If you go to the web page, you will notice they have created a very unorganized webpage for our school. Since we have no control of how the ncbtmb organizes that page, we have created this organized page listing for you here. Please find our currently approved classes here for your convenience while we wait for the NCBMTB to sort out our page. We encourage you to check the official page as well on the web page. Hopefully we will be able to sort this trouble out quickly but until then, happy learning! 

DISCLAIMER: This page is provided for easy quick reference. It should not be relied upon to certify that any given course is approved in any state, as state regulations may change without notice.  It is therefore your responsibility to double check with your state to absolutely confirm licensing and accreditation of your chosen course. 

Quick Answers to Common Questions

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  • NCBTMB - Transcripts are immediately available for download and printing with a 75% passing score or higher.

  • Videos can be watched continually, anytime and/or downloaded.

  • Documents are downloadable for study offline.

  • Exams can be re-taken continually and are auto-corrected.

  • You will receive an email with login credentials within 48 hours or sooner after purchase.

  • Certificates are enabled on your account within a 1 to 2 weeks to allow for the review and approval process.

  • Self paced online courses have different CE credit amounts than on campus seminars, even if they have similar course titles, per NCBTMB guidelines