Sacred Stone Massage Therapy [Manual]

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Sacred Stone Massage Therapy [Manual]

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Sacred Stone Therapy combines the art of stone bodywork with the amazing ancient science of Ayurveda. This treatment is designed to take 75 minutes. Of the 5 elements that exist in the universe and within ourselves, it has been our observation that the wind element (ether & air), otherwise known as Vata, is the element that seems to be most out of balance in the majority of people who live in this fast-paced, multi-tasking part of the world. That is, people who have email, a TV, 2.5 kids, voicemail, stressful jobs, cars, and confused relationships. This therapy is primarily anxiety-reducing, calming, peaceful and restorative. Sacred Stone Therapists pacify all the attributes that increase the wind within us. Every technique used during this 75-minute treatment has been thoughtfully designed to bring the body, mind and soul back into balance and renew the sweetness of life in a world where people are driving while eating their lunch.

We focus on anchoring the first (muladhara) and second (svadhisthana) chakra more than any other chakra in the body. These are the chakras that belong to the wind (vata). The sequence for the initial stone layout, and the final spinal layout is especially mindful of these 2 chakras. That is why they are the first chakras that the stone are applied and the last chakras in which the stones are removed.

This treatment also integrates the use of stones with the use of traditional massage. We do not believe that pure stone massage is completely effective. Stone massage was never meant to replace the human touch. The way in which a certified Sacred Stone Therapist touches the body is critical for reducing the wind element. These wind-reducing techniques include wringing and squeezing the tissue out, much like water out of a sponge or air out of a balloon.

Before you purchase this course, you can download our sample manual.

Expect To Learn:

History of stone healing
The Five Sacred As: Attune, Anoint, Access, Activate & Apply the stones
Heated and chilled snow quartz applications
Many techniques using the stones as tools and extensions of the hand
The Sacred Stone Layout Sequence according to the chakra system
Crystals in the room, on the massage table and on the body
Terminal Clearance through the five terminal ends of the body using the proper direction
Learn about the Ayurvedic philosophy of Earth Energy
And much more!