Sacred Stone Books Bundle (8 Books Included)


Sacred Stone Books Bundle (8 Books Included)

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This bundle includes all six Sacred Stone Books, including two *** bonus titles; Ethical Touch NCBTMB (Standard V.) and Compassionate NCBTMB Ethics (Standard V.).

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Expect To Learn:

Ayurvedic Massage (Tandem Abhyanga)
Sacred Stone Shirodhara Therapy
Exfoliation & Detoxification Steam Therapy (Swedhana/Garshana)
Sacred Stone Facial & Ayurvedic Beauty
Ayurveda for Massage Therapists 101
Sacred Stone Massage Therapy
*** Ethical Touch NCBTMB (Standard V.) (eBook)
*** Compassionate NCBTMB Ethics (Standard V.) (eBook)

*** This Book is ONLY available as a (digital) download.