Garshana Swedhana [eBook]


Garshana Swedhana [eBook]


The downloadable pdf of our Garshana and Swedhana manual.

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Dry exfoliation and friction applied to the skin in an ancient sequence can help alkalize the blood, remove pain and detoxify the liver. This therapy also induces a light sweat, coaxing toxins to leave the body through the pores of the skin. Sacred Stone has designed a non-bacterial steam tent to fit over a massage table, except for the client’s head, which is a site of pitta and should not be overheated.

Before you purchase this course, you can download our sample manual.

Expect To Learn:

  • Benefits of skin exfoliation and steam therapy
  • The sequence taught at Kripalu and by Dr. John Doulliard at
  • How to operate the steam tent
  • Learn how to exfoliate the body with hand-sewn silk gloves
  • Learn the Sacred Stone Swedhana/Garshana sequence
  • And much more!