Ayurvedic Massage (Tandem Abhyanga) [Manual]

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Ayurvedic Massage (Tandem Abhyanga) [Manual]

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Mirror massage is another name for the famous four-handed massage, or tandem massage. This is a form of bodywork that incorporates two therapists working on one client. It has its roots in Ayurveda (India), more than 10,000 years ago. This technique, which involves two therapists, was traditionally done as an ayurvedic treatment during pancha karma. Pancha karma is ancient Indias form of internal and external purification of body, mind and soul. It was and still is, typically prescribed by an ayurvedic doctor and performed under the close supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.

Mirror massage includes marma point therapy, copious amounts of pure, warm oil, passive yoga, mudras, breath technique, mantra, the downward flow (apana vayu), hands, elbows and knees, intention, and sound healing.

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Expect To Learn:

  • Hari Aum with prayer hands
  • Spider-hold
  • Polarizing the terminal ends
  • Heart and kidney marma points on the feet
  • Gulpha Marma points on the ankles
  • Spreading the wings
  • Apana vayu strokes
  • Wring and squeezing strokes
  • Grow taller
  • Triceps stretch
  • Shoulder joint lubrication
  • Big hug
  • Restorative shoulder
  • Thymus tapping
  • Anointing the belly button
  • Doggy paddle
  • Surabi mudra
  • Polarizing with gyana mudra
  • Prayer hands
  • Three more miles point
  • Activating & clearing the liver meridian
  • Doggie paddle prone
  • The crawl
  • And much more!