Ayurveda 101 For Massage Therapists [eBook]

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Ayurveda 101 For Massage Therapists [eBook]

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This book will teach massage therapists or anyone interested in healing, how to integrate aspects of Ayurveda into their massage practice. The student will learn step-by-step practical Ayurvedic techniques, moves and applications. This information can easily integrate into western massage therapies. Ayurveda is the science of life and is imprinted within our very DNA and in our askashic records. This book will serve as a portal to bring this information into your consciousness.

Based on Sankhayas philosophy, Ayurveda is ancient mystical, biological, spiritual, medical sciences that can help individuals make wise, conscious choices about daily living and staying healthy. It is a comprehensive medical system that includes, yoga, diet, bodywork, psychology, surgery, herbs, gynecology, pediatrics, astrology and much more. The sacred knowledge of Ayurveda has been handed down from the guru (teacher) to the student for thousands of years.

Before you purchase this course, you can download our sample manual.

Expect To Learn:

  • Implement the many modalities that Ayurveda uses to maintain health and homeostasis within the body, mind and soul
  • Identify the three doshas (biological principles)
  • Use breathing techniques to balance the body, mind and soul
  • Identify the five great elements as they relate to the three biological principles (doshas)
  • Determine a clients Ayurvedic imbalance (vikruti & prakruti) and know what type of bodywork to apply to restore health
  • Learn about the five directional flows (vayus) within the body
  • Recognize the principle of Terminal Clearance within the body
  • Describe the appropriate diet and lifestyle for your clients doshic imbalance
  • Explain eight types of Ayurvedic massage
  • Define the ancient art of Marma Therapy
  • Use appropriate oils on clients and explain the benefits of oil massage (abhyanga)
  • Understand the chakra system
  • Recommend Ayurvedic protocols for clients
  • Recognize imbalances in the Five Great Elements that exist within their clients
  • Learn step by step ayurvedic techniques to incorporate into your massage practice
  • And much more!