Tropical Astrology Forecast for Virgos 2019

Predictions and remedial measures listed below apply to all people with Virgo moons, Virgo suns and Virgo ascendants, based on the tropical zodiac from August 23 to September 22.

Zodiac symbol: Virgin

Zodiac element: Earth

Zodiac quality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Color: Green

Stone: Emerald

Traits: Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which governs discernment and the intellect. Since their symbol is the virgin, that can give rise to purity. Some can be pure of heart, while others can be overly pure, critical and rigid. Virgo minds can bend towards knowledge about health and healing, though they also very good with litigious thinking and justice oriented. They can be preoccupied with the daily habits of hygiene – neatness and cleanliness – which helps bring order to your thoughts and structure in your routines at work and at home. They make wonderful lawyers, judges, mediators, as well as holistic health coaches and integrative medical professionals. Virgo can use their critical minds in a positive way by becoming a movie or food critic, for example, reflecting all sides of a situation with their powerful analytical minds.

Love: Neptune is transiting your 7th house of relationship which can give rise to new dreamy romances on one hand, but on the other hand, it can also invite deception and delusion, depending on your unique birth chart. Until Sept 14, the sun will be purifying the passion planets: Venus and Mars. In astrological terms, Venus and Mars will be “combust by the sun”, causing relationships to either heat up with the flames of passion or spontaneously combust. This is an opportunity to say goodbye to toxic romances and come back to yourself and who you are now, reflecting back at the lessons you learned from that relationship. During this time while the passion planets are on fire, there will not be a dull moment in matters of the heart. The sun will continue to activate and purify the passion planets until around Nov 1st, which means everyone, not just Virgo, will need exercise more patience with accomplishing daily tasks as it may feel like you can’t get anything done. As well, practice patience and kindness in order to keep your cool while tolerating annoying behaviors with your spouse if you choose to stay in your relationship. Once the Sun is off of both passion planets, matters of the heart will become more harmonious.

Here are some recommended remedial measures for romance this month:

• Be extra kind to all females, open doors for them, smile at them, forgive them and take your best girlfriend out for dinner “just because”.

• Donate to the Newport Art Museum or other artistic venues.

• Do more art, listen to more music and surround yourself with beauty.

• Immerse yourself in creative projects and the serenity of nature.

• Keep a vase of fresh flowers by your computer or bed.

• Avoid sour tasting foods like lemon, lime, pickles and vinegar.

• Stretch out over a foam roller with your arms above your head, opening your heart.

• Keep cool with a cucumber, cilantro and avocado salad using pink Himalayan salt.

Money: Jupiter and Venus govern money. Venus isn’t going to be able to help us since it’s in such close proximity to the sun, so we will need to rely on Jupiter to support us financially for now. Jupiter finally stationed “Direct” on Aug 12th in its own sign of Sagittarius which helps money matters move forward more gracefully. Since Saturn, Ketu and Pluto are 12 houses away from Jupiter right now, there can be some major and dramatic transformations in financial institutions and the overall state of affairs regarding the stock market and the US dollar. These changes may pinch at first, but in the end, what may unfold will be for world’s highest and best. Be savvy and conservative with investments right now and try not to make financial decisions based on fear because this too shall pass. There can be “gift” money from overseas while Jupiter is in Sagittarius and Rahu, the proverbial foreigner, in the 11th house of charitable gains.

Remedial measures to help bring in more money this month:

• Donate to the Boston’s Children Hospital

• Offer to help or teach children

• Help out at the soup kitchen

• Clean out your closets and donate to Good Will

• Offer to be of service to one of your favorite high school or college professors

• Help a handicap person across the street or open a door for them

Career: With the ruler of your chart, Mercury, igniting your 10th house of career and 12th house of international affairs and liberated endings, Virgos could focus on foreign relations, dreamy and creative productions or give their resignation on a job that no longer matches your criteria or credentials. Careers involving editing skills, writing and publications can excel, while other careers may come to a much-needed end. With Jupiter’s close proximity to your house of career, it can bring expansion, protection and blessings. The new moon on Aug 30th can bring new ideas for a new career or a new way to make your current career more successful. To focus on new beginnings and new ideas during this new moon, do the following remedial Measures:

• Call your mother and tell her you love her since Moon represents mother

• If you have a female boss, bring in some cookies or her favorite Starbucks Latte to work

• Practice self-care and become your own mother, pampering yourself just a little more this month

• Donate to charities involving cleaning up the ocean

• Connect with the ocean by taking a daily swim while with weather is warm

• Nourish your family with a sumptuous meal

• Be more loving and forgiving