Benefits of Fresh Lemon or Lime with Salt on the Soles of Your Feet

The acidic nature of lemon weakens the bonds between skin cells, allowing new cells to emerge quickly and replace the dead ones. This helps remove callouses, plantar warts, and cracked, dry skin.

It promotes an entire systemic purification of the body, drawing out toxins organically.

Why the feet? They are considered one of the 5 great electromagnetic terminal exit points in the body. By applying raw salted lemon or lime on the soles of the feet, we are supporting the natural detox process, igniting the downward flow inside the body so that toxins can leave.

Some of my clients have reported that they can actually “taste” the lemon in their mouths on some level after the application.  The skin is the largest organ of absorption and elimination, so I am not totally surprised some of the clients could actually taste it indirectly.

 We can increase the effects of this therapy by turning or slowly spinning the lemon on the soles of the feet. The doorways in the feet and in the body move in a circular motion. By spinning the lemon, you can engage these energies and help open the exit points of the feet even more.

 Other Benefits:

·      Anti-fungal

·      Exfoliating

·      Refreshing

·      Removes odor by reducing bacteria

In this short classroom video clip, I also teach about the benefits of applying castor oil to the feet after the lemon application.

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