My Daughter's Artistic Gift of Designing Beautiful Eyebrows

Karyn and her daughter Jaeda

Karyn and her daughter Jaeda

Discover the Magic of Microblading!
(Semi-Permanent Makeup)


Ok ladies, this is Jaeda. It’s time for some real talk about beauty. Microblading is game changer for us ladies who care about how they look and one of the best creations of all time when it comes to looking naturally beautiful in an effortless way, saving time and money. Throw away your eye pencil. Say goodbye to waxing and threading. Say hello to semi-permanent makeup! Unlike the old fashion tattoo methods, this new method simulates real hair by creating a 3D natural look, instead of a fake flat, painted-on look. Microblading isn’t limited to ladies though. It’s for anyone who wants to enhance his or her eyebrows in a semi-permanent way for whatever reason. Measuring the symmetry of your face and drawing the perfect brow design is the first step in this exciting process.

Jaeda’s Brow Artistry

Jaeda’s Brow Artistry

Have you ever just wanted to wake up looking beautiful, with perfect eyebrows and not have to waste your time in the mirror with brow pencils? If you add up all that time over the course of a year, it might be 2-3 weeks of just drawing eye brows! Have you wondered why some people have perfect looking brows and you don’t? Have you considered their perfect brows might be a result of microblading? This amazing beauty secret is now front and center after so many celebrities have had such amazing results. It’s the buzz word in all the elite spa and many cutting-edge beauty schools. The experts know that eyebrows can make or break the way you look!

Eyebrows might just be the most important feature in the esthetic structure of the face. A beautiful, balanced, natural-looking set of brows can frame the entire face and direct all the attention exactly where you want it: Your eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul. The brows are the quintessential frames to these lovely windows. Choosing the right frame can make the content of the picture so much more enriched and beautiful.

Creating Symmetry, Balance and Beauty:

Eyebrow hair sits perfectly above the orbital socket, enhancing the bone structure and color of the eyes. They define our jaw line, forehead and angle of our face, which are things we often take for granted or may not even notice. Some of the major components of beauty are symmetry and balance, according to our culture. Mathematical formulas and ratios of measurements between the features within our faces, bony structure and the energetic grid outlining our faces can give rise to a pleasant esthetic equanimity. The more symmetrical our faces, the more beautiful we are considered. When you create symmetrical, balanced brows, you make your face more attractive. It’s a scientific and cultural fact. :)

How Do I Find a Qualified, Licensed Microblade Artist?

When researching microblading industry, there are several factors to consider before choosing a microblade artist. Firstly, the artist should be licensed and properly credentialed by a reputable organization, as well as by the state and board of health. This person should also publically display their portfolio of before and after photos of their own personal work, have experience and a web presence, along with testimonials and excellent google reviews.  The location should be pleasant, comfortable, clean and give you a feeling of being safe and pampered. Before seeing any professional in any industry, one should feel a trusting rapport and get that “yes” feeling after the interview for the appointment. Be sure your artist uses sterile equipment, prepackaged, single-use needles as well as organic and/or vegan ink in order to have the most impeccable experience. As with any therapy, procedure or experience, it’s the artist behind the brush or the therapist behind the therapy that will be the deciding factor. Interview your artist and make sure you feel like a good fit on all levels, including financially.

What is the Recovery Time and Costs of Microblading? 

Good news! There generally isn't any swelling or redness regarding the healing process! Your brows may feel a little tender or tight, but no one would know you had microblading done that day! You could go to a 5-star gala and look like a diva that same night. Nobody would notice anything besides your fantastic brows. Yes, embrace that Red-Carpet-Girl!  

Daily Maintenance is Minimal 
"I woke up like this" -Brows

One of the many benefits of this procedure is waking up looking like you just stepped off of a movie screen! Boost your confidence levels with your new flawless brows and smile at your lovely bare face in the morning mirror. Save precious time in your busy schedule and don’t spend another minute fussing with your brows every day.

Microblading touch-ups are on an individual basis, as needed and usually between 8-12 months since this is considered a semi-permanent makeup procedure. In some cases, your microbladed brows can last up to 3 years. Otherwise, you can spend 20 minutes every day drawing them on, hoping they stay on all day at the beach and into the evening for your hot date. Not. Live beautiful. Choose efficiency. Be smart. Look and stay balanced.

Invest in Yourself Wisely

The initial investment of microblading ranges from $350 – $800, depending on individual needs and desires. Brows can last anywhere between 8 months to 3 years. However, it is preferred for clients to come yearly because it is more affordable for the client and easier for the artist to enhance pigment that is already there rather than start from scratch. After approximately 5 years, or after most of the pigment is gone, coming back in as a client for enhancement would be considered starting over, as there would be hardly be any pigment left. Regardless, I will always give my former clients a loyalty discount as a token of my appreciation for coming back to me.

Think about this: If you are spending $40 per month on new eyebrow pencils, gels, and powers and another $30 on waxing and threading, this could add up to approximately $840 per year! Wouldn't you rather spend $350 for a professional and artistic experience and semi-permanent result once a year?

If you crunch the numbers and the energy involved, the benefits of getting a microblade treatment far outweighs the other mundane options.  

 Jaeda Hamilton Chabot, LMT owner of Enhanced Beauty Brows, posts pictures daily on Instagram and Facebook (@enhancedbeautybrows) and keeps her website ( up to date with her newest documented before and after pictures proving how transformational her work truly is! She is a professional and licensed tattoo artist with extensive professional training in microblading with 11 years of experience in the healing and beauty industry.  Jaeda has been a licensed massage therapist, esthetician and cosmetologist for over a decade with clients from Maine, NYC and Florida who travel to receive her services in Newport, RI. No distance is too far when one finds a talented, compassionate, experienced, professional artist who loves what she does and revels in helping people feel more beautiful!