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  Dr Vasant Lad & Karyn Chabot

Dr Vasant Lad & Karyn Chabot

  Course Textbook II Purchase Here

Course Textbook II Purchase Here

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  Simon Chokoisky SAMA Instructor

Simon Chokoisky SAMA Instructor


Dear Karyn,
Thanks for the NAMA advice! Also glad to hear mercury's shadow is waning!
I look forward to the exam as a culmination of a beautiful journey and a celebration of new pathways to my heart I am certain I chose the right school, the right lady and her team to ignite my ayurvedic fire to burn brightly evermore! I can only pray to have half as much passion, creativity and innovation as you do in this vast field of are a true gift and inspiration to all that cross your path....namaste...I bow to the light within you!
With Infinite Gratitude and Love,   
April Kalyani

Ayurveda Health Counselor Training Online

Registered Ayurveda Health Counselor Program Begins Oct 25th, 2018

Tuition includes 11- weeks of SAMA's Medical Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) webinars and 150 hours of our Registered Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist Program (ABS). Online "live" interactive webinars every Thursday night from  your home 6pm-9pm EST and eleven Monday night webinars for 12 months on  It feels just like a real interactive classroom where students and teachers can see, hear, ask questions and share screens. Students may also choose to remain hidden. All sessions are recorded for student watch at their leisure if they miss a "live" session. A total of 7 days of "on-campus-live" attendance in Rhode Island required in 3 & 4 day increments.  This is an excellent adjunct to any healing arts career, especially yoga teachers.  Each year we assign a new gemstone or precious metal to the program. This year it's the Bronze Program.  Limited Enrollment.


At SAMA, students enliven their healing gifts, empowering themselves and the world with knowledge, truth, love and kindness, creating the space for each of us to heal. The privilege of a lifetime is being who we are. If your dharma is to heal, then SAMA can be your guidepost. The planet needs more healers.

Click Here to view sample webinars from our past programs.

Our Registered Ayurveda Health Counselor Program at SAMA is approved and exempted by the RI Board of Governors of Higher Education and the National Ayurvedic Medical Association since 2012.  We have graduated over 108 successful and happy students. This advanced, comprehensive form of Life Coaching is now available for students, laypersons and professionals in the healing arts industry who are interested in learning Ayurvedic and counseling skills to enhance their yoga or massage practice, or their personal health as well and the health of others. The time-proven science of Ayurveda is founded on the concept of individuality, food as medicine, our genetic constitution, our environment and our thought patterns. This program will help you understand why your physiology and mind is unique and empower you with the many options that exist in natural medicine and the ancient healing system of Ayurveda and yoga.

"Disease is not spontaneously procured; it is always produced. It is acquired by a lifestyle that is not aligned with the laws of nature. Disease is not a question of exposure. It is the status of the individual’s inner ecology and immunity that gives rise to the vulnerability of contracting disease. If an external pathogen such as virus yeast, parasite and bacteria invade the body, the impact on our health will be minimal unless our inner ecology has become toxic, acidic, weakened, or congested. By applying the principles of the ancient, evidence-based, holistic science of Ayurveda to our daily modern living, the human condition will be supported by the laws of nature effortlessly. Registered Ayurvedic Health Counselors are trained to create the space and provide the tools for people to heal the body, mind and spirit by making simply daily choices based on your unique body type. More education, more meditation and less medication."  --Karyn Marie Chabot, M. Ay, LMT, RYT


Ayurveda is an evidence-based, medical and holistic science of longevity, time-proven over 5,000 years. According to the ancient scholars and scientists of Ayurveda, we embody the five great elements of nature and inherently have the ability to heal ourselves through proper food, drink, environment and elevated thinking. Ayurveda teaches us that each of us is unique, so that there isn't one food or one drink that is good for us all. Learn the skills at SAMA to discern your unique constitution and the specific food, lifestyle, drink, environment and mantra that will support health and balance in your life.


 Feel lighter, slow-down the aging process and "live" your balance so you can be radiantly happy and healthy! Put your health in your hands.  Online students have the option to remain hidden while online or show their faces. Teachers are always "seen" and students have the options to "un-mute" or use the chat window to ask questions anytime. This is a lovely opportunity to develop long lasting friendships with kindred spirits around the world.


Classes meet every Thursday online 6pm-9pm starting in the Fall and 11 Monday nights online starting in the Spring from 6p-9p. The synchronous live webinars can be recorded  just in case students miss a "live" session. Students will have the option to record and those that miss as session must arrange for one of their colleagues to record and send the video to them. Those attending the Weekend Registered Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist Program in-person should plan to attend approximately 10 weekends through-out the program in Newport, RI.  Those that can't attend in-person may watch the previously recorded sessions and partake of the ABS lessons on, including passing multiple choice exams and submitting practicum forms, although those that don't attend in-person are not eligible for "ABS Certification" though can earn credits towards the AHC program certification remotely. ABS weekend sessions will not be recorded, but we do have recordings from previous years available.

We prefer students attend "live" as much as possible for the greatest benefit. There is a 7-day on-campus requirement in person on campus, split into 2 segments: Three days at the beginning of the program and four days at the end of the program. Newport, RI is the location for these classes, but, that is subject to change. There are options to fulfill your internship locally as well, or transfer credits from other accredited schools and opt out.

How long? 

12 months total. This is a 650-hour program including homework, weekly webinars, internship and independent study hours.

Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist (ABS) Program 

Included free as part of the AHC Program. Those that can't attend "live" will have access to the previously recorded ABS seminars, as well as to Karyn's 7 instructional DVDs and Ebooks. The "on-campus" ABS portion of the AHC program will not be recorded live.Students unable to attend in person in Newport, RI for this segment of the program  will not be awarded certification for ABS, though they will still earn credits for watching the recorded segments, passing the online exams and submitting their practicum forms. More info on ABS here.

Meet Some of Our Amazing Teachers!

  • Karyn Marie Chabot MAy CAP LMT RYT
  • Dr. Munira Merchant, BAMs
  • Simon Chokoisky CAP
  • Michael Dick MAy CAP
  • John Doulliard DC CAP
  • Anisha Durve DOM CAP
  • Mary Guerenabarrena CAP
  • Sonia Masocco LDT CAP CH
  • Kyle Roberts CAP
  • Molly Rachael Strong CAP BS TTM BCTMB RYT LPN
  • Chelynn Tetreault CAP LMT
  • Gauri Trainor CAS PKS RYT
  • Amita Banerjee CAP
  • Dr. Vasu K Brown MD NREMT-P CAS SAP WCC

3 Easy Steps to Enroll

1.  Call or email us with any questions you have. 401-680-3934 or
2. Fill out the online application form and submit the $50 application fee
3.  Receive your Official Student Acceptance Letter
4. Make your $800 deposit here or pay in full


Please contact us for tuition pricing. Many scholarships are available as well. If you feel your financial situation would qualify you for a scholarship, please send us an email to Students in pay in full with a money order receive $300 off the total tuition. Students who pay in full with a money order at least 1 month prior to the start date will receive $400 off the total tuition.

Installments: SAMA offers monthly installments over the duration of the 12-month program at a 5% interest rate to all students. $800 is our required deposit due 1 week prior to the start date, though registration is limited and early deposits will secure your place. Our financial aid office requires access to your credit/debit card to make the monthly auto-deductions if you choose to make installments. We want to do everything we can to help you. Your deposit will go toward the balance of your tuition. No refunds are available 30 days after the program start date  and we are sorry for any inconvenience, but students may transfer into the next program for a $108 admin fee or take a leave of absence and continue where they left off in the next program.


"Karyn I am so amazed that I am able to study with SAMA.  It's magic to me, life and heartbeat and breath and faith all flowing seamlessly in streams within my consciousness, opening and pushing me beyond my traditional theories of medicine to higher levels of healing. I am grateful. Mother Teresa once said, "The miracle is not that we do this work.  The miracle is that we love to do this work."    Aloha nui mahalo   -Molly

Required Books

Dr. Vasant Lad's Textbook Volume 1
Dr. Vasant Lad's Textbook Volume 2
 (Approximately $60 total if purchased used on Amazon)

Recommended Books:
Sebastian Pole's Ayurvedic Medicine
Sonia Masocco's Plant's With Healing Power
Hart DeFouw's Light on Life

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest hers/his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease” — Thomas Edison

Anatomy & Physiology Requirements
All students must complete an online anatomy and physiology course on their own and show proof of completion before we can award a certification for the Ayurveda program. Students may also transfer credits from a previous anatomy course. We have developed our own online A & P course, exclusive to SAMA, which is much more user-friendly and more comprehensive, though not more difficult. It is an open-book, self-paced program where you can take the online exams (two exams: 84 multiple choice questions) a maximum of 3 times if you like and your grade will be instantly and automatically presented upon completion. Students will be awarded a certificate and a lovely hard copy book as well. Click here to purchase

Yoga Requirements
Students should be doing a one 1-hour yoga class in their homes via a DVD or in a classroom setting per week, except while they are menstruating or ill. Student's yoga experiences (one or two sentences) should be documented in a journal. Journal entries are due on the 1st of each month and should be submitted to the class liaison or education director via email. *Exception: If the student is already a Certified Yoga Teacher through the IYS or the YA, the 1-hour yoga class or DVD requirement will be waived. Certified Yoga Teachers need to submit their certificates via scan or fax or hard copy in person.  Sample Yoga Log.

Homework Requirements 
Students are required to read approximately two short chapters per month and take 23 short exams over the course of 1 year. Each exam is about 25 multiple choice questions and is auto-corrected immediately. It is “Open-book-honor-system” to help release any exam phobias but maintain the highest and best learning standards.  Some students take 4 hours per week for homework and yoga requirements and some only need 2 hours, depending on each unique student and their learning pace.

Internship Requirements
At the end of the program, students are required to attend SAMA's Supervised Internship to witness 25 consultations with our esteemed faculty. Students who can't attend in person have the option of interning with a local approved NAMA Counselor and critically evaluate and summarize their findings (1 page per client). Another 25 unsupervised consultations are required and should be submitted on SAMA's intern forms and signed by the client. This can be with friends, family, strangers, colleagues or anyone interested. For this, students only need supply the name and date of their 25 clients with a signature.

“Health is equilibrium of the dhatus. Health is happiness, disease is unhappiness.”   
Charaka Samhita Su 9/3

All quizzes are open-book and about 25-30 multiple-choice questions per chapter using a pass/fail grading system once per week. Students are not allowed to be behind by more than 3 quizzes. Should this happen, the student should reach out to Karyn for an extension or we will reconsider re-enrollment for the next year.  All students must graduate with at least 75%. After passing the online exam, students must click on VIEW RESULTS blue button at the end or lose their work and re-do the exams.

  • Homework: 20%
  • Quizzes: 40%
  • Verbal Exit Exam: 20%
  • Pulse Analysis: 10%
  • Internship: 10%

Two Types of SAMA Graduates:

1. Registered
2. Registered & NAMA Exam Eligible

Student Benefits
 Our Ayurveda students are welcome to attend any of the Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist (ABS) Seminars, which we highly recommend to help round-out your Ayurveda training.

Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Credits: Graduation from the Ayurveda Program will make you eligible for 50 credits or more towards your Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. SAMA is also a Yoga Alliance approved school. These credits may also be transferred to other YTT programs.

SAMA Alumni Benefits: Graduates are eligible to participate in any of session being offered in the next program at $10 per session (1.5 hours). Package deal of 5 sessions: $40.  Payment link

National Exam: This course is designed so that graduates will be eligible to pass the National Ayurvedic Medical Association's exam, enabling those who pass to become Registered with NAMA. There are certain prerequisites students must meet to be eligible for the NAMA exam. Please contact Karyn for more information

SAMA Media Library Requirements: Our audio/video selections are experienced in the privacy of the student's home twice per month at the student's convenience. Students may choose any selection they are drawn to and are required to prepare one paragraph on their favorite part. This should be submitted via email to the class liaison or education director by the assigned deadlines.

Good News! As part of the curriculum at SAMA, students will have the honor and opportunity to study Dr. John Doulliard's Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis 10-week course. 

SAMA's Annual Tropical Retreat! Join us in Costa Rica or some other magical tropical paradise to study Ayurvedic Bodywork, Jyotish and or Yoga!

Curriculum Total Hours: 650

  • Sankhya Philosophy (Sankhya Darshana)
  • 5 Elements (Panchamahabhuta Siddhanta)
  • 3 Doshas (Tridosha Siddhanta)
  • Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology (Sharira Rachana & Kriya Sharira)
  • Prana, Tejas & Ojas
  • 6 Tastes (Shadrasa)
  • Pulse Analysis
  • Jyotish (Vedic Medical Astrology)
  • Ayurvedic Pediatrics, Geriatrics
  • Ayurveda Beauty & Health for Women
  • Vastu (Vedic science and art of architecture, home and design)
  • Daily Regimen (Dinacharya)
  • Seasons (Ritucharya)
  • Digestion & Diet (Agni Vyavahara & Ahara Vijnana)
  • Herbology (Dravyaguna Vijnana)
  • Pathology (Nidan & Vikriti Vijnana)
  • Disease Management (Kaya Chikitsa)
  • Diagnostics (Rogi Roga Pariksha)
  • Assessment/Evaluation (Atur Parikshan / Parichay)
  • Ayurvedic Psychology (Manovijnana & Manasaroga)
  • Panchakarma Theory (Panchakarma Chikitsa)
  • Yoga
  • 5 Sense Therapies (diet, herbs, aromas, sound, touch, color)
  • Anatomy & Physiology

Breakdown of Hours:
24 hours: Weekend Jumpstart 'Live 'Intensive (3 days) On-campus Newport, RI Noon-6pm
156 hours: Ayurvedic Concepts/Theory: 52-Weeks 3 hours online Thursday Nights. synchronous learning
208 hours: 4-hours’ weekly homework
20 hours: Doulliard’s Pulse Course
25 hours: Allopathic Anatomy & Physiology (transferrable or asynchronous)
33 hours: Intro Vedic Cosmology 11-week Monday night webinar series
134 hours: Pancha Karma Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist (ABS) (options for live in Newport, synchronous or recorded)
25 hours: Unsupervised Client/Counselor Consultations
25 hours: Supervised Client/Counselor Consultations in Newport, RI
Total Hours: 650
Approved by The National Ayurvedic Medical Association and RIOPC.

Below is a "Living-Breathing" Schedule of Events for the AHC Bronze 2018-19 Program. Subject to Change.

To read the small print, enlarge your screen by clicking "View" in your top nav bar and "zoom in". We can also send you this document upon request at once you are registered. AHC: Ayurvedic Health Counselor. ABS:Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 9.33.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 9.34.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 9.35.23 PM.png


In addition to the benefits of General Membership at NAMA, Student Members of NAMA will:

  • Be eligible to join the NAMA Student Workgroup to participate in directing, scheduling and managing the Seminars in Ayurveda webinars; attend Student meetings at NAMA conferences; and submit written contributions for NAMA website and other communications
  • Receive special Student Discounts at NAMA Conferences
  • Support NAMA social media development
  • Connect with fellow students who will become future Ayurvedic professionals.

    General Members Benefits
    • Support a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of the Ayurvedic profession
    • Participate in shaping the national policies that govern Ayurveda in the United States
    • Keep up-to-date on the latest developments in education, training and professional requirements for Ayurvedic Practitioners, as well as legal and legislative updates, through NAMA communications
    • Be eligible to participate in NAMA committees and workgroups, to contribute to shaping the direction of the organizational and its member benefits
    • Join with fellow practitioners in spreading the healing benefits of Ayurveda (e.g., Seminars in Ayurveda monthly webinars, access to online resources)
    • Receive a discounted registration fee for the NAMA Conferences and events
    • Be able to print out your Membership Card and carry it with you in support of the growth of Ayurveda
    • Vote in annual elections for the Board of Directors
    • Receive the NAMA e-newsletter featuring Ayurvedic news and updates, herbal monographs, research updates, Practitioner and Student perspectives, NAMA Committee news, safety reports, and more to support your practice and knowledge base.         

Attention SAMA Graduates! Click Here for the NAMA Membership Application

Please note: It is SAMA's responsibility to send over student transcripts and "Document 4" to NAMA, which is in the last section of the Professional Membership Application. You will be listed on the NAMA website as an Ayurveda Health Counselor and be privy to all the membership benefits.

Below are NAMA’s pending standards for categories for titles that can be earned through Ayurvedic education:

Category I: Ayurvedic Health Counselor Ayurvedic Health Counselors are experts in health promotion and disease prevention (swasthavritta). They utilize the principles of Ayurvedic medicine to create diet and lifestyle recommendations according to their assessment of the client?s Ayurvedic constitution and imbalances (prakriti & vikriti), state of the doshas, agni, dhatus, malas, and the mind. After the completion of academic study they have Ayurvedic clinical experience (supervised clinical practice) including a minimum of 35 patient visits 1. They educate, motivate and counsel clients in order to support them to be successful implementing the principles of Ayurveda into their lives. Ayurvedic Counselors refer clients whose samprapti is beyond the third stage (disease state) to Ayurvedic Practitioners or Ayurvedic Doctors.

Category II: Ayurvedic Practitioner Ayurvedic Practitioners are experts in managing and treating disease from the Ayurvedic perspective, using Ayurvedic etiology (nidan), pathology (samprapti), diagnosis and management of diseases (kaya chikitsa), in addition to being experts in the prevention of disease and promotion of health (swasthavritta). After the completion of academic study they have Ayurvedic clinical experience equivalent to a minimum of six months of supervised clinical practice (including a minimum of 50 patient visits 1 in order to acquire and internalize a broad database of clinical experience and make clinical decisions. In addition to diet and lifestyle (ahara-vihara), Ayurvedic Practitioners are experts in the use of herbs as medicine(dravyagunavijnana) and Ayurvedic purification (shodhanachikitsa)and rejuvenative therapies (rasayana). They also understand the basics of conventional pathology.

Category III: Ayurvedic Doctor Ayurvedic Doctors are experts at understanding disease from both an Ayurvedic and Western perspective and utilizing Ayurvedic methods of treatment. They have the highest level of education, training and competency. After the completion of academic study they have extensive Ayurvedic clinical experience equivalent to a minimum of one year of supervised clinical practice (including a minimum of 100 patient visits 1 in order to acquire and internalize a broad database of clinical experience in order to make clinical decisions based on experience. The Ayurvedic Doctor understands pathogenesis and disease prevention and health promotion (swasthavritta) and disease treatment from both an Ayurvedic as well as a Western perspective but only practices from the Ayurvedic perspective using Ayurvedic principles. Ayurvedic Doctors have a working knowledge of conventional medical pathology, pharmacology and laboratory reports, in order to interface with the conventional medical community and modify the Ayurvedic treatment program accordingly. Ayurvedic Doctors have a basic knowledge of public health and epidemiology and are informed consumers of medical research. They are able to make significant original contributions to the profession 2. Requires prerequisite study of Western sciences to be determined. Notations 1 A “patient visit” means a private one on one patient encounter between the intern and the patient with supervisor oversight. 2 Original research or review articles, discussions of controversy, conference teaching, presentation of case studies.


"Disease is not spontaneously procured; it is always produced. It is acquired by a lifestyle that is not aligned with the laws of nature. Disease is not a question of exposure. It is the status of the individual’s inner ecology and immunity that gives rise to the vulnerability of contracting disease. If an external pathogen such as virus yeast, parasite and bacteria invade the body, the impact on our health will be minimal unless our inner ecology has become toxic, acidic, weakened, or congested. By applying the principles of the ancient, evidence-based, holistic science of Ayurveda to our daily modern living, the human condition will be supported by the laws of nature effortlessly. Registered Ayurvedic Health Counselors are trained to create the space and provide the tools for people to heal the body, mind and spirit by making simply daily choices based on your unique body type. More education, more meditation and less medication!" 
Karyn Marie Chabot, M. Ay, LMT, RYT


Operating Legally SAMA was granted permission in 2012 for exemption and is legally operating in the state of Rhode Island by the Rhode Board of Higher Education. Our school is bonded and insured. Please visit our credentials page for details on what organizations were are approved by and affiliated with.

Refund Policy: Sorry no refunds after the first 30 days of the program. Prior to that, we offer a pro-rated refund, not including the $50 application fee or a $108 transaction fee.  Deposits can be 50% refunded. We offer credit towards a seminar for 1 year from the start date of the original program the student was registered. We expect students to commit to the full program. Students may opt transfer out of the program and into the next enrollment at a $108 transfer fee. 

Online Ayurvedic Training Program - Course offered by a Registered Ayurveda School approved by NAMA.

Online Ayurvedic Health Counselor Training Course Registered Ayurveda School in the USA

Become a Registered Ayurvedic Health Counselor!  Click here to enroll in our online class now!

Our online training program is approved by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association